Security at a cheaper price - Lightweight implementations of SIMON

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We are in the times where consumer need small devices but high security. This need for high security has given birth to a new domain of research i.e. lightweight cryptography.

Recently, an ultralightweight encryption algorithm was proposed by the (in)famous agency known as NSA. This algorithm which is called SIMON is developed to deliver very compact hardware footprint. In the present context we present this project with the following objecives:

  1. Study and understand the dynamics of SIMON encryption algorithm.

  2. Play with an existing implementation of SIMON, in simulation and on FPGA.

  3. Understand the architecture of the existing implementation to propose possible area optimization.

  4. Apply the optimizations on th existing implementation.

  5. Validation of the applied optimizations in simulations and on FPGA.

  6. Play a hacker and attacks the SIMON implemenation.

** All coding in Verilog/System Verilog and test on Altera Cyclone II FPGA.