Implementation for Tier-1 Coding in JPEG2000

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Qiu Han, I301, Gérard Memmi, I309

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In information theory, entropy coding technique is a type of lossless coding to compress digital data by representing frequently occurring patterns with few bits and rarely occurring patterns with many bits.

Entropy coding in JPEG2000 format is combination of fractional bit-plane coding (BPC) and binary arithmetic coding (BAC) as opposed to the classical Huffman coding and run-length coding in current JPEG standard. Combination of BPC and BAC is known as Tier-1 coding in JPEG2000.

Objective of the project

This is a two-step project: first, to study the BPC and the BAC coding technologies in Chapter 7 of <JPEG2000 Standard for Image Compression Concepts, Algorithms and VLSI Architectures>, second, to implement the paradigm of fractional bit-plane (BPC) coding technique by using Matlab and then the BAC if the time allows. The goal of this Matlab implementation is to provide a flexible template for further research like secure MQ coding technique.