In-Browser Data Visualization

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Data Visualization is the process of presenting statistical information in a form that can be easily understood. There are different methods for visualizing data, from the common Bar Chart - used in a plethora of cases, to the exotic Ulam Spiral, which by definition, can only represent prime numbers.

This project aims at exploring the potential of Data Visualization, using Web Technologies. More specifically, with the "canvas" element of HTML5, graphics are rendered on the fly, making dynamic visualizations possible. The datasets to be used for this project are going to be from the European Union Open Data Portal [ ] and the programming will be in Javascript. The final goal of the project is to implement a 3D visualization using WebGL.

The working language for this project is English [the poster can be either in English or French].

Keywords: Data Visualization, HTML5, Javascript, Creative Coding, WebGL

Required Skills:

  • Web Technologies [Notions]
  • Programming [Basics]
  • Probability & Statistics [Basics]

Recommended Reading:

  • Ben Fry, "Visualizing Data", O'Reilly Media
  • Allen B. Downey, "Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers", Green Tea Press