Fouille de données

Force Atlas: Graph layout algorithm


Drawing a graph is a very open question, dependent on specific needs of the user. However, a variety of algorithms exist to produce a nice layout for any graph just from its nodes and edges. Many rely on physical models (for instance placing springs between the nodes of a graph with stiffness based on the corresponding edge weights) and make simulations to find that model's equilibrium position which yields a layout.

Graph similarity estimation


Graph isomorphism refers to the problem of deciding whether two graphs are identical. It has many applications in various domains, ranging from biology to cybersecurity. While NP-hard, this problem can be solved in most cases by simple heuristics, like Weisfeiler-Lehman's algorithm. This algorithm turns out to be useful not only to solve the problem of graph isomorphism but also to derive a distance between two graphs or to propagate labels in the context of semi-supervised learning.

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